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        Top 10 hotpot brands bring you a spicy China
        Hotpot, with a history of more than 1,900 years, is a typical Chinese delicacy. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), hotpot was not only popular among common folks but also favored by the imperial family.
        Top 10 dinner brands in China
        China's top 10 catering brands in 2016 were announced at an event dubbed as the domestic catering industry's "Oscars," held in Beijing on May 6, 2017.
        Top 10 restaurants in Beijing 2016
        Want to have a private conversation with your business partner or family members in an amazing restaurant? The following restaurants are highly recommended!
        Top 10 renowned Chinese noodles
        As an essential staple in Chinese cuisine, noodles can be regarded as a symbol of the country's culture.
        Top 10 Chinese cities for foodies
        Nanjing topped the 2016 China Foodie Happiness Index put out by the Meituan-Dianping Data Research Institute.
        Top 10 outstanding restaurants in the world
        A good restaurant features not only tasty delicacies, but also has to be outstanding in terms of its wine list, ambience, service, management and even hygiene.
        Top 10 oldest restaurants in the world
        Every restaurant has its own stories. This is especially true for the following 10 which have run for centuries.
        Top 10 weirdest foods in campus canteens in China
        Food has always been a hot topic among university students as they stand in the queue to get their meals in campus canteens with strong expectations. But, sometimes, they are just confounded by the dishes produced by the feverish imagination of the chefs.
        Top 10 luxury buffets in the world
        Do you love delicious food? Do you like sitting in a luxurious dining hall while eating as much as you can? Then you’ll enjoy these 10 world-class belly-busting buffets.
        Top 10 catering brands in China
        Which brands have won "Oscars" in China's catering industry? Read the story to find out.
        Top 10 takeout ordering websites in China
        Who wouldn't like sitting at home and waiting for dinner to come? The following 10 websites will do the job.
        Top 10 foods in Nanjing, China
        Any of these foods would be an excellent accompaniment while you are watching the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing this summer.
        Top 10 Mid-Autumn Festival foods in China
        What traditional foods are a must when families enjoy in the moonlight during the Mid-Autumn Festival? China.org.cn gives you a top 10 right here.
        Top 10 most expensive wines in the world
        No matter whether you are a collector of fine wines or you just like to have a sip, the following 10 luxury wines are set to impress.
        Top 10 unique restaurants in the world
        Are you feeling hungry? Would you like to eat something delicious in a unique setting? Then let’s explore!
        Top 10 instant noodles of all time
        "Top 10 instant noodles of all time 2013” was released recently by the Ramen Rater, a professional ramen website.
        Top 10 world's most expensive dishes
        Here you will find some of the world's top 10 most expensive dishes, sure to be much more appetizing than their price tag.
        Top 50 restaurants in China 2011
        This collection of China’s top 50 restaurants will impress customers with their amazing food and service.
        Top 50 world's most delicious drinks
        Here are the top 50 most delicious drinks all over the world. Take a swig, or the chug the lot in one.
        Top 10 world's revolving restaurants
        Over the past 50 years, revolving restaurants have opened in more than 50 countries on six continents. Enjoy the charm of the top 10 world's revolving restaurants.
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